Milan Stanisavljević, a pianist, composer and educator started to play piano at the age of 9. In the beginning, he was attracted to classical music. Later on, the sounds of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue caught his attention and slowly steered him into jazz. His very first jazz steps were made together with Belgrade jazz pianist Miloš Krstić. Milan went to University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (Austria) where he studied with Harald Neuwirth, Claus Raible and Olaf Polziehn. He successfully completed his Master studies in 2010. In the meantime, he also graduated at Belgrade Music Academy (FMU) in the class of an esteemed Serbian composer and university professor Rastislav Kambasković. During his school days in Graz, he had an opportunity to study with and learn from great musicians such as Billy Hart, Ron McLure, Jerry Bergonzi, Dave Santoro, John Hollenbeck, Geofrey Keezer, George Cooligan, Peter Helbotzheimer, Howard Curtis, Fritz Pauer,  etc.  


           Milan gained recognition with his own group Milan Stanisavljević Trio. His debut album Awakening (Celinka, 2011) was praised by both critics and audience. This CD earned four stars at prestige website All About Jazz. His latest album Soundquest (2015) was released on the Austrian jazz label Barnette Records. One of its songs entitled Old School was included in the compilation of Slovenian jazz 2015 (SIGIC). 


He gave concerts in Austria, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia. He is also very active as a sideman in various projects, mostly on Slovenian jazz scene.


He collaborated with Stjepko Gut, Derick Gardner, Femi Temowo, Morten Ramsbol, RTV Slovenija BigBand, KUG Bigband, Jure Pukl, Jani Moder, Robert Jukič, Adam Klemm, Klemens Marktl, Christoph Pepe Auer, Ratko Divjak, Gašper Bertoncelj, Vladimir Kostadinović, Marko Djordjević, Milan Pavković, Aleksandar Cvetković, Elvis Penava, Miro Kadoić, Uglješa Novaković, Goran Rukavina, Pedja Milutinović, Jadranka Juras, Nina Strnad, Lenart Krečič, Igor Matković, Tomaž Gajšt, Jaka Kopač, Nikola Matošič etc.



the trio


Milan formed his trio in 2009 choosing Milan Nikolić on bass and Andjelko Stupar on drums as already established and proved rhythm section. He met Milan and Andjelko in Graz and started to work with them on his original songs, shaping his musical ideas and expressions, trying to find most intimate way to reach the listeners emotions. Their first album Awakening (Celinka, 2011) was very well received by both Slovenian jazz audience and international critics. Jerry D’ Souza from All About Jazz wrote: 


“Milan evokes intimacy of a trio to set up some evocative images on his debut CD. The pianist has his vision and his focus in clear perspective.”


On his latest CD Soundquest (Barnette Records, 2015), Milan continues to explore possibilities of a piano trio. Their journey to unique trio sound is continued through various musical forms and moods, going from rhythmical Old School through peaceful Down to Earth to meditative Quiet Mountain. Tina Lešničar, a columnist from the newspaper Delo noticed:


“Milan takes time to evolve his lyrical themes, creating multiple expressions scoping from hesitation and expectation of the unknown to hope, curiosity, determination...His voicings create a new atmosphere here, grasping the essence of emotional states in an utmost articulate way.”


This trio has performed on various festival and concert stages both at home and abroad.



jadranka juras jazz quartet




JJJQ is project led by renowned Slovenian vocalist Jadranka Juras. She gained her reputation by recording two pop/soul/r’n’b albums and winning Slovenian popular song contest “Slovenska popevka” (2002). Her albums Anima (2006) and Sakura (2009) were widely accepted including radio hits like Ko bi le vedel, Drugače ne znam, Še vedno verjamem. 


Her jazz project presents carefully chosen vocal jazz repertoire. You must belive in spring, The night we called it a day, Paris (Fritz Pauer), Water Mandala (Jadranka Juras) are some of the songs that can be heard in live performance and also on her latest album called Paris Honey (2015). Most of the songs has been arranged by pianist Milan Stanisavljević. Robert Jukič on double bass and Kristijan Kranjčan on drums enrich the album by sharing their musical experiences. 


They have been performed at festivals and numerous concert stages in country and abroad: Jazz Ravne; Džjezz festival Celje; Festival Lent, Maribor; Poletje v stari Ljubljani; Festival Poleti v NUK; Jazz Kamp Kranj; KD Krško; Cvetličarna; Kino Šiška; Lokal Patriot, Novo Mesto; Poletni utrip, Piran; Alpe Adria Jazz Festival, Klagenfurt; Sally Bowles, Art Cafe Berlin...



femi temowo & milan stanisavljevic



Milan’s collaboration with Femi Temowo started in 2012 with an invitation of a friend Dominik Bagola (singer/songwriter) who joined these two musicians and helped organizing concerts across Slovenia. The idea was to present music from Femi’s first two albums Quiet Storm and Orin Meta. His music combined modern straight ahead jazz with West African rhythms and melodies coming from Femi’s African roots. Femi was born in Nigeria. Later he moved to UK (London). Early benchmarks in Femi’s career include collaboration with critically acclaimed jazz saxophonist and Hip Hop artist Soweto Kinch including nomination for the Mercury Music Prize and BBC Jazz award for best new group and several MOBO awards. Femi’s slick and melodic guitar sound has earned him a place besides many great musicians. He worked also as a music director for late, great soul singer Amy Winehouse.


Their first tour in Slovenia was successful. Musical and personal understanding between the two musicians, together with Robert Jukič on bass and Andjelko Stupar on drums, was genuine and inspiring, so they decided to continue playing together. They rearranged some of Milan’s original songs form his first album Awakening and added them to the repertoire. Milan Stanisavljević Trio feat. Femi Temowo performed a few concerts in Slovenia in 2013, including concert at Max klub Jazz Festival in Velenje.




adam & sandra klemm



Milan started to play with Adam (regular member of RTV Slovenia Big Band) in 2010. They have worked together in different formations from small jam sessions to big concert stages (Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Serbia; 22.JazzTime Festival, Rijeka, Croatia). Adam is known for his big and beautiful sound on tenor saxophone. He is also very skillful as a composer and arranger as well. He arranged cd “Nostalgija” (Celinka, 2015) for his wife and singer Sandra Klemm. For her latest project she decided to do homage to bosnian traditional folk songs known as “sevdalinka”,  as well as for some of the most popular former Yugoslavian pop songs. Žute dunje, Što te nema, Sve moje jeseni su tužne are some of the known melodies that can be heard on her latest cd.





This band covers popular songs from various music genres. Original arrangements written mostly by guitarist Miha Koretič and personal music skills of acknowledged Slovenian musicians make this “party band” sounds fun and interesting for wide audience.


Aleksandra Čermelj - vocal

Lenart Krečič - t. sax

Miha Koretič - guitar

Milan Stanisavljević - keyboards

Miha Koren - bass

Janez Gabrič - drums



News & Updates

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23. 11. 2017      Solo Piano, Cekinov grad, Ljubljana

24. 11. 2017      Robert Glasper Afterparty Jam with Kopač/Stanisavljević/Čolović/Kranjčan

27. 11. 2017      Stanisavljević/Kopač/Jukič/Peršl, Maxi club, Ljubljana

1. 12. 2017       Stanisavljević/Klemm Duo, Vander CityHaus Ljubljana

25. 12. 2017      Mirna Bogdanović Quartet, Vetrinjski Dvor Maribor

31. 12. 2018      Lenart Krečič trio, Hotel Slovenija, Portorož

6. 1. 2018        Matošič/Stanisavljević duo, Vander haus, Ljubljana

18. 1. 2018       Matošič/Stanisavljević duo, Vander haus, Ljubljana

31. 1. 2018       Diana Čerenšek Book Release Presentation, Mimara muzej, Zagreb

1. 2. 2018        Klemm/Stanisavljević, Vander haus, Ljubljana

8. 2. 2018        Klemm/Stanisavljević, Vander haus, Ljubljana

7. 3. 2018        Matković/Divjak/Matosić/Stanisavljević, Prulček session, Ljubljana

8. 3. 2018        Klemm/Stanisavljević, Vander haus, Ljubljana

10. 3. 2018       Matošič/Stanisavljević duo, Vander haus, Ljubljana

5. 4. 2018        Jaka Kopač Quintet, Soho Ljubljana

11. 4. 2018       Klemens Marktl Quartet, Lustgarten Caffe, Klagenfurt

25. 5. 2018       Nikola Matošič trio, Savudija Kempinski Hotel, Hrvatska

28. 5. 2018       Jadranka Juras Quintet, Čin-čin , Ljubljana

29. 5. 2018       Dobrodelni koncert za Petra Deklevo, Jadranka Juras Duo, SiTi Teater Ljubljana

13. 6. 2018       Bobika Jukič quartet, Prulček jam, Ljubljana

28. 6. 2018       Milan Stanisavljević trio feat. Boštjan Simon, Repete, Ljubljana

10. 8. 2018       Bernard Z. & Milan S. Duo, San Simon, Izola

17. 8. 2018       Bernard Z. & Milan S. Duo, San Simon, Izola

19. 8. 2018       Adam Klemm Trio, Savudrija, Hotel Kempinski

23. 8. 2018       Milan Stanisavljević Quintet, Mednarodni festival "Noči v Stari Ljubljani"

23. 8. 2018       Jadranka Juras Sextet, Mednarodni festival "Noči v Stari Ljubljani"

24. 8. 2018       Bernard Z. & Milan S. Duo, San Simon, Izola

25. 8. 2018       Big Band Radovljica, koncert v Radovljici

31. 8. 2018       Bernard Z. & Milan S. Duo, San Simon, Izola

12. 9. 2018       Milan Stanisavljević trio, Prulček jam, Ljubljana

24. 9. 2018 Simon/Stanisavljević/Koren/Divjak, Čin Čin, Ljubljana

15. 10. 2018 Jaka Ahačevčič Quartet, Čin Čin, Ljubljana

8. 12. 2018 Bid Bang Radovljica, novoletni koncert v Radovljici

19. 12. 2018 B. Trček/ M. Stanisavljević duo, Kulturni dom, Radovljica

30. 1. 2019 Ladislav Rebrek trio, Prulček, Ljubljana

6. 2. 2019 Nikola Matošić Quartet, Prulček, Ljubljana

11. 2. 2019 Činčile - Čin čin, Ljubljana

22. 2. 2019 Milan Stanisavljević - Weight Of Thought, Ljubljanski grad

14. 3. 2019 Vander - solo piano

16. 3. 2019 Vander - solo piano

3. 4. 2019 Jadranka Juras Jazz Quintet, Kavarna Slamič, Ljubljana

8. 4. 2019 Ratko Divjak Quartet, Čin čin, Ljubljana

26. 4. 2019 Mednarodni dan jazza, Jadranka Juras Quintet, Velika Polana

30. 4. 2019 Mednarodni dan jazza, Jadranka Juras Quintet, Stari trg, Ljubljana

11. 6. 2019 Ange & Milan Duo, Kranjska Gora

14. 6. 2019 Žan Tetičković Trio, Festival mladih Maribor 

15. 6. 2019 Amina Majetić & jazz cats, wedding party Kempinski, Portorož

29. 7. 2019 Ratko Divjak Easy Summer Tour, Belgrade, Telma

30. 7. 2019 Recording Session R. Divjak & Friends, Pančevo

31. 7. 2019 Ratko Divjak Easy Summer Tour, Kult lab, Novi Sad

1. 8. 2019 Ratko Divjak Easy Summer Tour, Nišvile Jazz Fest, prateći program

2. 8. 2019 Ratko Divjak Easy Summer Tour, SKC, Kragujevac

30. 8. 2019 Ratko Divjak Ex YU Kvartet, Mednarodni festival “Noči v stari Ljubljani”

12. 9. 2019 Iztok Repovž trio, Layerjeva hiša Kranj

20. 9. 2019 Jadranka Juras - Milan Stanisavljević duo, Lep plac kavarna, Šempeter

5. 10. 2019 Big Band RTVSLO & Jadranka Juras, Hram kulture, Selnica ob Dravi

14. 10. 2019 Ratko Divjak Quartet, Činčin, Ljubljana

16. 10. 2019 Milan Stanisavljević Quintet, Bus caffe, Nova Gorica

21. 10. 2019 Milan Stanisavljević Quintet, Činčin, Ljubljana

23. 10. 2019 Milan Stanisavljević Quintet, Belgrade jazz festival

13. 11. 2019 Milan Stanisavljević Quintet, Prulček, Ljubljana

16. 11. 2019 Milan Stanisavljević Quintet, Novi Sad jazz festival