Recording Session - Weight Of Thought

Recording of new album Weight Of Thought took place on February, 23rd and 24th 2019 at Štala Recording studio led by Rok Lopatič (Laibach, Leeloo Jamais…). Saturday was reserved for Medley: Pulsar which brings together three different songs but with same rhytmical puls. Titled song Weight Of Thought, He Exactly (dedicated to Slovenian legendary drummer Ratko Divjak) as well as The Echoes of a Wounded Soul was recorded on Sunday, 24th of February.

Line up: Igor Matković - trumpet and flugelhorn; Boštjan Simon - tenor sax; Milan Stanisavljević - piano; Nikola Matošić - bass; Pedja Milutinović - drums

Recording engineer - Uroš Bon

Producers - Rok Lopatič, Milan Stanisavljević